Accepted Papers

Regular Papers (Accepted) :

SI No. Paper Id Title Authors
1 1570483329 Behaviour Based Authentication: A New Login Strategy for Smartphones Pradeep Kumar Tiwari
2 1570487807 Secure, Privacy Enhanced and Anonymous Communication Between Vehicle and Infrastructure Puneet Bakshi
3 1570490595 The Neighbourhood Zagreb Index of Some Graphoperations Sourav Mondal; Anita Pal; Nilanjan De
4 1570492242 From Cable Equation to Active and Passive Nerve Membrane Model Satyabrat Bujar Baruah; Soumik Roy; Plabita Gogoi
5 1570492804 Complete Statistical Analysis to Weather Forecasting Shukrity Si
6 1570493907 Computer-aided Detection of Breast Cancer on Mammograms Extreme Learning Machine Neural Network Approach Jayesh George, M
7 1570495082 Adaptive Stock Forecasting Model Using Modified Back Propogation Neural Network Uma Gurav
8 1570495795 An Astute Irrigation System with Crop Management and Marketing Rashmi Pawar; Lasya Vadapalli; Yashshree Patil; Suraj Padhy
9 1570496794 Harmonic Analysis and Comparison Between Single Phase Three-Level Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) Inverter and Sinusoidal Pulse Width Modulation (SPWM) Inverter Implementing Analog Circuits Kamal Sapkota; Chandra Sharma
10 1570496842 Beam Merging for D2D Communication in 5G Networks:An Approach to Green Communication Pimmy Gandotra
11 1570497036 BER Performance of Gray-Coded PSK-Modulated and QAM-Modulated MIMO Systems Kamakshi Rautela
12 1570497066 Velocity Profile of Alpha (Α) Type and Gamma (ɤ) Type Motor Neuron and Type III and Type IV Sensory Neuron Biswajit Das; Satyabrat Bujar Baruah; Soumik Roy
13 1570497105 Autonomous Robotic Rearrangement of Nuclear Fuel Pellets for Formation of Fixed Length Stacks Abhishek Jaju
14 1570497127 Local Extreme Co-occurrence Edge Binary Pattern for Bio-medical Image Retrieval G Sucharitha
15 1570497167 Design of Effective Algorithm for Removal of EMG Artifact from Multichannel EEG Signal Using ICA and SWT Rupal Kashid
16 1570497179 Selecting Project Team Members Through MBTI Method: An Investigation with Homophily and Behavioural Analysis Praneetha Kollipara; Lokesh Regalla; Goldina Ghosh; Nivedita Kasturi
17 1570497338 Circular Complementary Split Ring Resonators(CSRR) Based SIW BPF Sourav Moitra; Shilpa Nayak; Fauzia Naseem
18 1570497446 Comparative Performance Study of Various MRAC Techniques for Speed Control of a DC Motor Santanu Mallick; Ujjwal Mondal
19 1570497486 Privacy-Preserving Techniques for Big Data Analysis in Cloud Hema Shekhawat
20 1570497509 Modeling Cloudlets and Swarm Intelligence Based Shortest Path Estimation Algorithm and Platform Using Petri Nets Bikramjit Hazra; Tanmay Chakraborty
21 1570497529 Design of Double Gate Nano-FET Kuleen Kumar; Lanthanpuii Khiangte; Rudra Sankar Dhar
22 1570497625 Pedestrian Detection and Vulnerability Decision in Videos Swadesh Maurya; Ayesha Choudhary
23 1570497783 Implementation of a Two Wheel Self-Balanced Robot Using MATLAB Simscape Multibody Shubham Mohapatra; Rachit Srivastava; Rupesh Khera
24 1570497886 An ANP-GRA Based Evaluation Model for Security Features of IoT Systems Akshay Hinduja; Manju Pandey
25 1570498257 EDPRL: A Language for Specifying Data Privacy Requirements of Enterprises Asmita Manna; Anirban Sengupta; Chandan Mazumdar
26 1570498529 e-Learning for Children on Flora of North East India Nafisa Mehzbin
27 1570498826 Context Dependent Dynamic Authentication and Authorization Framework for Tactical Systems Kota Venkata Krishna; Srinivas Reddy; Hemanth Kumar Nooka; T Velayutham
28 1570500161 Developing a 3D Beam Former Model with Varied MIMO Channels Tanmoy Kundu; Iti Saha Misra.; Salil Kumar Sanyal
29 1570502060 IOT Based Facial Recognition System for Home Security Using LBPH Algorithm Prayag Bhatia; Shakti Rajput; Shashank Pathak; Shivam Prasad
30 1570502508 Raga Identification Using Convolutional Neural Network Ankit Anand
31 1570502516 Design and Performance Analysis of Piezoresistive Circular Diaphragm Based Acoustic Sensor Narendra Chaulagain; Vasudha Hegde
32 1570502529 Relative Utility of Surface EMG and Accelerometer in Hand Motion Analysis for Sign Language Recognition Rinki Gupta
33 1570502749 A Simplified Approach for Mathematical Expression Recognition and Its Conversion to Speech Shreekanth T
34 1570502992 Perturbed Layered Graphs Bhadrachalam Chitturi
35 1570503080 A Novel Oscillator with Different Nature of the Equilibria and Its Analysis Ankit Tiwari
36 1570503167 Dynamic Task Scheduling Problem Based on Grey Wolf Optimization Algorithm Sasmita Kumari Nayak
37 1570503223 Formant Text to Speech Synthesis Using Artificial Neural Networks Gurinder Kaur
38 1570503540 Resolving Control Hazard by Reconstituting Processor's Pipeline Organization Amit Pandey
39 1570503715 Single Optical Fiber Based Level Sensor Deba Kumar Mahanta
40 1570503723 Analysis of Weather Parameters on Electrical Energy Consumption of a Residential Building Siddhartha Siddhartha; Maya Pai
41 1570503752 A Survey on Android Malware and Their Detection Techniques Prerna Agrawal; Bhushan Trivedi
42 1570503784 Application of Image Processing and Data Mining Techniques for Traffic Density Estimation and Prediction Surojit Dey; Mirzanur Rahamn
43 1570503808 Energy Efficient Load Balancing Approach for Multipath Routing Protocol in Ad Hoc Networks Bollepally Sandhya Rani
44 1570503844 Human Fall Detection During Activities of Daily Living Using Extended CORE9 Shobhanjana Kalita; Arindam Karmakar; Shyamanta Hazarika
45 1570503862 LOAMY: a Cloud-based Middlewarefor CoAP-based IoT Service Discovery Rahatara Ferdousi
46 1570503874 Academic Enhancement System Using EDM Approach Hitesh Kumar Reddy Toppireddy; Bhavna Saini; Priyank Hada
47 1570503890 A Brain-Computer Interface for Arbitrary Pick and Place Tasks Kamal Sharma; Namita Singh; Neeraj Jain; Soumitra Kar
48 1570503897 Keyword Extraction from Malayalam News Articles Using Conditional Random Fields Rohith P; Sidharth Kumar; Anju RC
49 1570503927 An Approach to Rolling Bearing Fault Diagnosis Using Fractal Descriptors and Regularized Least Squares Ambika Sudhakara; Rajendrakumar P. k.; Rijil Ramchand
50 1570503947 Small Cell Deployment in Heterogeneous Cellular Networks Janmoni Borah; Anwar Hussain; Joyatri Bora
51 1570503952 Design of PCIe-DMA Bridge Interface for High Speed Ethernet Applications Kamlendra Chandra
52 1570503954 A Survey on Vision Based Activity Recognition Its Applications and Challenges Ashwin D'Sa
53 1570503956 Optimisation and Implementation of a Vibrational Induced Energy Based Sensor System Using PVDF Cantilever Chayanika Sharma
54 1570503963 Design and Analysis of an H ͚ Controller for a Single Phase Grid Connected Photovoltaic System with Parametric Uncertainties Raseswari Pradhan
55 1570503974 Drift Diffusion and Advance Hydrodynamic Simulation for the Design of Double-Gate SOI MOSFET in Nano-Scale Regime Zohming Liana; Rudra Sankar Dhar
56 1570504017 AgriSense: Automatic Irrigation Utility System Using Wireless Sensor Network and Web of Things Giridhar Urkude; Manju Pandey
57 1570504022 FPGA Based Chaotic Criptosystem Anup Das
58 1570504028 Hyper-chaotic Image Encryption Using ACM and GBS Jayashree Karmakar
59 1570504114 Effect of VMD Decomposition of Soleus Muscle EMG in SVM Classification Akhil VM; Rajendrakumar P. k.; Sivanandan K. s; Jobin Varghese
60 1570504115 A Comprehensive Ontology for Internet of Things (COIoT) Varun M Tayur; R Suchithra
61 1570504222 Small Signal Stability Analysis Toolbox: A MATLAB Based GUI Sulav Ghimire; Prabhat Dhital; Arbind Mishra
62 1570504302 Design and Analysis of Differentially Graded Double Gated Junctionless Transistors Tika Pokhrel; Rudra Sankar Dhar
63 1570504775 LSTM Neural Network Based Math Information Retrieval Amarnath Pathak; Partha Pakray
64 1570504782 Necessary Reforms on Integrated Nepal Power System (INPS) and Role of Government Sector: Lessons to Learn from Developed Countries Sulav Ghimire
65 1570504802 Entropy Based Bayes' Rule for Coping Dimensionality Reduction in Predictive Task of Data Mining Monalisa Jena; Satchidananda Dehuri
66 1570504867 An Enhanced Approach Using Collaborative Filtering for Generating Under Graduate Program Recommendations V Vaidhehi; R Suchithra
67 1570505228 Energy Resource Planning for a Rural Microgrid: Comparison of Results usingDifferent Optimization Algorithms Md Kamal
68 1570505322 Reactive Power Compensation Using Fuzzy Logic Controlled UPFC in a Hybrid Microgrid Sheeba Percis E
69 1570505572 Neural Network and ROS Based Threat Detection and Patrolling Assistance Sai Siddartha Maram; Tanuj Vishnoi; Sachin Pandey
70 1570506442 Bi-Directional Self-Organization Technique for Enhancing the Genetic Algorithm Dinesh Karunanidy; Subramanian Ramalingam; Mohamed Yasin Noor Mohamed; Nandhini M; Rajakumar R
71 1570506799 Fusing Multimodal Features for Recognizing Hand Gestures Suni Sukumaran Sulochana
72 1570506831 Design and Verification of Three Phase Sequence Decomposer on Re-configurable Hardware Praveen Kumar; Aishwarya Mittal; Kakarla Reddy; Shubham Chowdhary; Vishal Kumar; Rajendra Pratap
73 1570507068 Comparative Analysis of Sign Language Notation Systems for Indian Sign Language Amandeep Singh Dhanjal; Williamjeet Singh
74 1570507083 Geo-fencing Technique in Unmanned Aerial Vehicles for Post Disaster Management in the Internet of Things J. Sathish Kumar; Saurabh Pandey; Mukesh Zaveri; Meghavi Choksi
75 1570507122 Generation of Vegetation Fraction (VF) from Resourcesat-2 AWiFS Images Suresh Kumar M
76 1570507131 Quantification of Particulate Matter Using Haze Optimized Transform (HOT) of Oceansat-2 OCM Data Saritha PK
77 1570507161 Modeling Social Networks Using Modified Hopfield Neural Network and Identify Leadership Traits Amita Kapoor; Narotam Singh; Vineeta Motilal
78 1570507352 An Efficient Common Cumulative Power Method for Market Clearing in Day Ahead Electricity Market Devnath Shah; Saibal Chatterjee
79 1570507354 Optimal Placement of Time Flexible Supplier's Block Bid in a Day-Ahead Electric Market Using Genetic Algorithm Devnath Shah; Saibal Chatterjee
80 1570507409 An Efficient Motion Estimation Algorithm for Mobile Video Applications Sumit Kumar Chatterjee
81 1570507413 Disturbance Observer Based Model Following Controller for Four Wheel Steering Vehicles Sushant Chaudhari; Pramod Shendge; Shrivijay Phadke
82 1570507442 An Innovative Position Detection Pathway to Facilitate Low-Cost Home Automation Sayan Hazra; Nabarun Sengupta; Atanu Pal; Somdeep Acharyya; Biplab Satpati
83 1570507447 Sentiment Polarity Detection in Bengali Tweets Using LSTM Recurrent Neural Networks Kamal Sarkar
84 1570507483 A Disturbance Observer Based Sliding Mode Control for Anti-Lock Braking System Vijayraj Wanaskar; Shendge D; Shrivijay B. Phadke
85 1570507484 An Approach of Teachers Quality Improvement by Analysing Teaching Evaluations Data Prosanta Chaki
86 1570507493 Grid Search-Based Hyperparameter Tuning and Classification of Microarray Cancer Data Guesh Dagnew; B H Shekar
87 1570507497 Harmonic Decomposition of ECG Signal Using Analytic Signal Matched Filter Bank Geetanjali Srivastava
88 1570507515 Social Signal Processing for Evaluating Conversations Using Emotion Analysis and Sentiment Detection Praveen Singh; Neeharika Pisipati; Pisipati Radha Krishna; Munaga V N K Prasad
89 1570507526 Q-GIS-MCDA Based Approach to Identify Suitable Biomass Facility Location in Sikkim (India) Dipanjan Ghose; Sreejita Naskar; Shabbir Uddin
90 1570507536 Machine Learning Platform for Aggregating Sri Lankan News Mahendra Tennakoon; Muditha Tissera
91 1570507644 Neighborhood Rough Set Based Similarity Measurement Ofsubzones Affected by West Nile Virus Karan Shah; B. K. Tripathy; Sharmila Banu K
92 1570507652 Image Enhancement Using Fractional Partial Differential Equation Saroj Chandra; Manish Bajpai
93 1570507671 Integrated Single-Vendor Single-Buyer Inventory Model with Imperfect Production and Inspection by Vendor Abhay Sinha; Danish Ali Khan; Tarni Mondal; Bal Singh
94 1570507698 A Novel Approach for Maintaining Consistency in Distributed File System Aliva Bakshi; Satyaki Chatterjee; Nabendu Chaki
95 1570507711 Energy Conservation in Centrally Airconditioned Buildings Through Energy Modeling Siddhartha Siddhartha
96 1570507714 Analysis on the Effect of ECG Signals While Listening to Different Genres of Music Najumnissa D; Alagumariappan Paramasivam; Bakiya A; Mohamed Syed Ali
97 1570507726 A Continuous Role-Based Authentication Scheme and Data Transmission Protocol for Implantable Medical Devices Vijaya Harshitha Tutari; Bijoy Das; Dipanwita Roy Chowdhury
98 1570507729 Higher Order Shape Features for Brain Hemorrhage Classification Soumi Ray; Vinod Kumar
99 1570507749 Detection of Stress in Human Brain Prithwijit Mukherjee; Anisha Halder Roy
100 1570507765 Brain Tumor Classification Using ResNet-101 Based Squeeze and Excitation Deep Neural Network Palash Ghosal; Lokesh Nandanwar; Swati Kanchan; Debashis Nandi; Ashok Bhadra; Jayasree Chakraborty
101 1570507773 Auto Generation of Gold Standard, Class Labeled Data Set and Ontology Extension Tool [QuadW] Muditha Tissera; Ruvan Weerasinghe
102 1570507777 AccessE-Algorithm to Detect the Accessible Segments During lncRNA-mRNA Interactions Zhumur Ghosh
103 1570507780 Fault-Tolerant Scheduling for Distributed Sensor Networks Avinash More
104 1570507817 Network Protocol Analytics for End User Context Identification Muna Kumar Singh; R Nallaperumal; D p Sudhakar
105 1570507827 Evolving Network Topology in Policy Gradient Reinforcement Learning Algorithms Abhijit Banerjee; Dipendranath Ghosh; Suvrojit Das
106 1570507831 A Graph-based Communication Algorithm Using Collaborative Computing Scheme in the Internet of Things Saurabh Pandey; Mukesh Zaveri
107 1570507840 A Combined Reward-Penalty Loss Function Based ExtremeLearning Machine for Binary Classification Pritam Anand; Amisha Bharti
108 1570507884 Enhancing Face Recognition Through Overlaying Training Images Amrit Swaroop Sinha; Aniq Ur Rahman; Ravi Kant Kumar; Goutam Sanyal
109 1570507890 Use of Remote Sensing Data for Exploring Potential Evapotranspiration over Gangtok Prava Adhikari; Swastika Chakraborty; Sanat Das
110 1570507900 Smart Routing Using Fuzzy System and Genetic Algorithm Tarak Paul
111 1570507908 Designing of a Remote Sensor System with Data Logging and Temperature Sensing Facility Anirbit Sengupta; MD Tausif Mallick; Abhijit Das
112 1570507915 Fusion Based Comparative Analysis of Energy Harvesting Cognitive Radio Network Deepak Kumar; Wasim Arif
113 1570507946 Perceptually Optimized Color Maps for Visualizing Large Numbers of Features Subhrajyoti Maji; John Dingliana
114 1570507950 Neural Machine Translation System of Indic Languages - An Attention Based Approach Parth T Shah; Vishvajit Bakrola
115 1570507951 A Framework for Segregating Solid Waste by Employing the Technique of Image Annotation Meghana Nagori; Rushikesh Jachak; Purva Chaudhari
116 1570507953 Internet of Things Based Context Aware Health Care Services Allad Pushpa
117 1570507961 An Advanced Dice Similarity Measure of Fuzzy Numbers and Its Application inMulticriteria Decision Making Palash Dutta
118 1570507962 Performance Evaluation of Stationary Wavelet Features with Least Squares SVM for Facial Expression Recognition Nikunja Bihari Kar
119 1570507972 MFZKAP: Multi Factor Zero Knowledge Proof Authentication for Secure Service in Vehicular Cloud Computing Nayana Hegde
120 1570507973 A Rough Set Approach for Knowledge Acquisition on Vector Born Diseases Gouri Panda; Indrani Sahu; Susant Das
121 1570508081 On Securing Mobile Agents Using Blockchain Technology Ishita Ishita; Tushar Semwal; Divya Kulkarni; Shivashankar B. Nair
122 1570508474 Asynchronous Motor Drive's Improved Performance and Analysis with a New Modified Artificial Neural Network Based MPPT Controller Hari Challa
123 1570508493 Text Localization in Natural Scene Images Using Extreme Learning Machine Kalpita Dutta; Nibaran Das; Mahantapas Kundu; Mita Nasipuri
124 1570508704 An Efficient Opportunistic Routing Algorithm in Vehicular Adhoc Networks(VANETs) Debasis Das
125 1570508721 Short-Term Load Fore Casting of 400kV Grid Substation Using R-Tool and Study of Influence of Ambient Temperature on the Forecasted Load Lekshmi M
126 1570508723 Lighting Optimization to Save Energy in an Indoor Sports Facility Ashwathi Suresh; Jane Salis; Shailesh R
127 1570508731 Lighting Design of an Indoor Sports Facility- A Case Study Jane Salis; Ashwathi Suresh; Shailesh R
128 1570508853 WSN Energy Optimization: Evolutionary Approach Krishna Prasad Pamulapati
129 1570508872 Improvement in Efficiency Droop of Green Light Emitting Diode Using Lattice Matched Barrier Shameem Ahmad; Mohd Adil Raushan; Mohammad Jawaid Siddiqui; Parvez Alvi; Sandhya Kattayat
130 1570508879 Using Dynamic Routing to Extract Intermediate Features for Developing Scalable Capsule Networks Bodhisatwa Mandal; Swarnendu Ghosh; Ritesh Sarkhel; Nibaran Das; Mita Nasipuri
131 1570508949 Effect of Spatial Enhancement on Hyperspectral Image Classification Ram Narayan Patro; Subhashree Subudhi; Pradyut Kumar Biswal
132 1570508950 Filtering Based Spatial-Spectral Feature Extraction for Hyperspectral Image Classification Subhashree Subudhi; Ram Narayan Patro; Pradyut Kumar Biswal
133 1570508990 A Study on Convolution Neural Network for Breast Cancer Detection Oinam Singh; Prakash Choudhary
134 1570510110 A Novel Method for Next-Generation Sequence Data Analysis Using PLSA Topic Modeling Technique Samson P; Chandra Sekhar Rao Annavarapu; Abhilash Mohapatra
135 1570510329 Analysis of Algorithm D on Full Binary Trees Indulekha T S; Bhadrachalam Chitturi
136 1570510582 Detection of Flood Images Posted on Online Social Media for Disaster Response Ashish Kumar Layek; Soham Poddar; Sekhar Mandal
137 1570510584 Early Detection of Depression and TreatmentResponse Prediction Using Machine Learning: AReview Prajwal Kharel; Kalpana Sharma; Sunil Dhimal; Sital Sharma
138 1570510666 Keyword Spotting in Historical Bangla HandwrittenDocument Image Using CNN Sugata Das; Sekhar Mandal
139 1570512260 A Novel Quantum Inspired Sperm Whale Meta-heuristic for Image Thresholding Sandip Dey; Sourav De; Dhrubajyoti Ghosh; Siddhartha Bhattacharyya; Debanjan Konar; Jan Platos



Short Papers (Accepted) :

SI No. Paper Id Title Authors
1 1570491693 Sensitivity Enhancement of Piezoresistive Pressure Sensor Using Carbon Nanotube as a Piezoresistor Ajayakumar C Katageri
2 1570491903 A Multipurpose Drone for Water Sampling & Video Surveillance Pankaj Agarwal
3 1570497622 BMI Application: Drowsiness Detection Using EEG Chirag Ghube; Anuja Kulkarni; Chinmayi Bankar; Mangesh V Bedekar
4 1570497790 Segmentation Using Support Vector Machines Shubham Mohapatra
5 1570498180 An IoT-based E-Health System Integrated with Wireless Sensor Network and Air Pollution Index Prasanta Kr Sen; Mostafizur Laskar
6 1570503255 Role of Humidity Content on Atmospheric Turbulence and Essay on Earthquake Precursor Studies Pranoy Ghosh; Arijit De
7 1570503955 IoT Based Framework for Activity Recognition Using Deep Learning Ashwin D'Sa
8 1570506951 Principal Feature Extraction from Regional Speech in Emergency Communication Prasanta Kr Sen; Mostafizur Laskar
9 1570507376 Area Optimized Run-time Reconfigurable ALU for Digital Systems Jamuna S
10 1570507511 A Novel Thresholding Technique for R-peak Detection in ECG Amandeep Kaur; Sanjay Kumar; Alpana Agarwal; Ravinder Agarwal
11 1570507656 Identification of Abnormal Brain Images from CT Image Dataset Soumi Ray; Vinod Kumar
12 1570507833 2D Object Transformation by Mapping of Hand Gesture Using Leap Motion Controller Tutan Nama; Suman Deb
13 1570507848 Text Summarization in Indian Languages: A Critical Review Nomi Baruah; Shikhar Kr. Sarma; Surajit Borkotokey
14 1570508889 CloudBased Lecture Capturing System Lahiru Tennakoon


Poster Paper (Accepted):

SI No. Paper Id Title Authors
1 1570495902 Study of Modified Rectangular Patch Antenna for Tuning Resonant Frequency in C- Band Parimita Saikia
2 1570507885 A Graph Based Approach for Keyword Extraction from Documents Anjali S; Meera M; MG Thushara